Kaelann Kapochor

Lore-Master and Knight 2nd Class, First Legion, 8th Div.


Kaelann Kapochor (KAY-lan KAY-pok-or) is a 23 year old Valkor (Fireborne to the Elves) serving the Imperial Army. He is ranked as a Knight, 2nd class in the 8th division of the first legion. He serves in team 7 as rear support and adviser to the sargeant. Kaelann’s parents were killed when he was very young during the chaos of the War of Liberation (Known to the elves as “The Second Fireborne War”), and he can hardly remember them. The Valkor People’s Army found him scavenging in his ruined village 15 miles outside Vaardenfell and took him in and he grew up in the barracks with the soldiers even after the war ended. It was there that he was given his last name, since he did not know his parents they called him “Kapochor” which means “son of martyrs” and this became a common name to give to war orphans. It was also during this time that Kaelann met Dareon Kano, whose father served the VPA, they were close in age and they became close friends. Kaelann spent so much time with Dareon and his father Vakaereon Kano that he came to view Vakaereon as a father figure. When they reached the age of choosing (13 when all valkor select their role in society) Kaelann and Dareon chose to devote themselves to the newly reborn Valkor Empire as a soldier under Emperor Ramvarik the First. They were both assigned as scouts to team 7 at age 18, earning their armor two years later.

Despite his military upbringing Kaelann was always a studious learner, particularly in the areas of history and tradition that he learned at Vakaereon’s knee and this lead to his specialization of “Lore-Master” within the army. The lore-master’s role is to understand the enemy and the various peoples the unit might encounter and to advise the unit leader. Kaelann’s favorite food is salted steak because it is what the VPA would give the men after a victory and Kaelann associates it with the raucous celebrations that accompanied it. Kaelann is a neat freak and obesessively cleans his gear after every mission. Kaelann prefers to use a single shortsword in combat as it allows to maneuver around his enemy more freely. Like most valkor, Kaelann is a fatalist and believes that the only thing worth striving for is to be remembered honorably. His dream is to have his name carved in the Cave of Heroes in Mt Kalthalon alongside all the noble forefathers of the Empire. This dream is partly driven by his faint memories of his parents who died unremembered. As a result of the war he was raised in, Kaelann has a deep-seated mistrust of elves as they were the oppressors of the valkor for so long. This mistrust has been slightly tempered by his studies which have allowed him a more complete view of the elves mindset.

Kaelann Kapochor

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