The Valkor are a proud race of humanoids created by Kalthalon to serve both Him and the Dragons he also created. Their native language is Valkora and their native land is known as Valkorim, not to be confused with the Valkor Empire which rules it. Many valkor also study Draconic as a second language due to the empire’s close ties to the Dragon Council.


The name “Valkor” means “flame’s son” in Valkora and refers to Kalthalon (sometimes known as The Flame in old texts). The name derives from the Draconic valo meaning “fire” and korin meaning “son of”.



During The Dawn when the Elves were still building their identity and Vail was still filling the world with creatures for them, Kalthalon was restless. He had created many great statues of wondrous beasts both great and small but still Elvanna turned from Him and refused to grant them her divine blessing, saying only “These creatures are unworthy of my blessing.”

Desperate to see his creations brought to life, Kalthalon created the valkor statue in the likeness of the elves Elvanna had so adored but he altered them to better suit his tastes. Their bodies he shaped from fresh ash, still warm from the fire. He formed their eyes from dark volcanic rock and their irises blazed orange and red like molten rock shifted just behind. Their hair He made with charcoal, some burned black and some white, for some he made their hair from fire itself, yet others from the same ash as their bodies. He made them strong and lithe but not so tall as the elves for Kalthalon saw his creations crawling through low tunnels in the mountains, rather than striding through the forests.

Kalthalon invited Elvanna to view His latest creation and when first She laid eyes upon the statues Kalthalon had wrought She sat and did nothing but stare at them and Kalthalon sat with Her. There they sat for 33 days. Vail noticed Elvanna’s absence when She did not come to meet Him and receive the elves’ sacrifices on the Day of Feasting and He searched for Her.

On the last day of their vigil Elvanna turned at last to Kalthalon and there were tears in her eyes and she said, “I have been blind, brother. I scorned your creations for their wickedness for I could not see, no, I refused to see their true beauty. When I laid eyes upon these, your children, it was as though I beheld a light that revealed the cave I had entrapped myself in.”

And as She rose she turned to the statues and said, “I, Elvanna, bestow upon you my divine blessing. From this hour henceforth, you shall walk this earth and multiply and when your hour has come I shall embrace you as a mother when you pass. Go forth now in the name of Kalthalon and the name of Elvanna.”

The Age of Conflict

Main article: The Age of Conflict

When Kalthalon’s creations were given life He and Elvanna left the cave in which they had been made and it was there that Vail found them. When He learned what Elvanna had done He became filled with rage and demanded to know what Kalthalon had done to her. He would not believe that Elvanna had acted of Her own free will and vowed to undo what he believed Kalthalon had forced her to do. Thus began the Age of Conflict.

By The Holy Covenant, the ancient pact the gods had set down even before the creation of the World, Vail could not take direct action against Kalthalon or his creations so he fought by proxy using the Elves. This gave him a large advantage over Kalthalon’s fresh forces.

Kalthalon had to work quickly to train his forces for war and some say this is the source of the valkor’s warlike mindset even in peacetime. He created a language for the valkor and the Dragons which is known now as Old Draconic and is rarely spoken outside of formal ceremonies. The other creatures lacked the intelligence the valkor and dragons shared but would come when their creator called. The dragons raw physical power made up for their inexperience and what the valkor lacked in strength the more than made for in ingenuity and zealous enthusiasm in their purpose.

Unlike Vail, who was very hands-off with the elves, Kalthalon took an active role in his creation’s lives and taught them many secrets he had learned during the Dawn including metalworking techniques which the valkor picked up quickly.


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